Returns to Oz

Double album, 30 songs. Syncs w/ the film, Return to Oz. Eden's Watchtower Records.


2nd Eliza Wren Release.nAnswering Machine Records.

Living on the Outside

Special reissue w/ previously unreleased material.n1st Eliza Wren release.nRecorded at Public Hifi Studios.

Hallicrafters – Pony

Electronica Band.nMembers: Eliza Wren,nWes French, Brian Locklin.nAnswering Machine Records.

Haun’s Mill

To listen to or order Eliza's band, Haun's Mill - please click on the album here:

Other Items

ELiZA WREN Happens Bumper Stickers

ELiZA WREN Happens Bumper Stickers

Paper Dolls

Featuring real clothes from Eliza's wardrobe!

Comic Book

Featuring the real adventures of the Eliza Wren band on their trip to the Olympic Winter Games.nWritten & illustrated by Eliza herself.


More coming soon!